Google unleashes Wave upon us-Google Wave

The innovative and ingenious creators of Google Maps, Jens and Lars Rasmussen, have been busily developing Google’s newest communication and collaboration tool-Google Wave. For the past two years, the brothers have been in Australia developing the new tool for communicating over the Web. They exhibited their work for developers in San Francisco on Thursday.

Essentially, Google Wave is an application operating in a Web browser that creates a shared online desktop for two or more users to easily interact and exchange messages and information, similar to instant messaging or email. The users are able to share and edit rich documents including images, formatted text and graphics. A cool feature of Google Wave is the ability for users to drag and drop widgets into a Wave, and play a game together, publishing results to the Web or saving them. According to Lars, “It is a communications and collaborations tool. We call it a Wave. It is equal measure document and conversation”.

A novel concept from the bright minds behind the sensational Google Maps, Wave will be available in late 2009. Google is making the tool available to developers immediately, to incite them to build new apps for it. Rumor is that developers at Google have created a Wave that follows the Twitter messages of the user. It has the potential to become a convenient place where people can keep up with various mail and instant messaging accounts. Google is certainly making waves, and showing that internet browsers have become dominant enough to be used as a platform to develop multifaceted apps-a potential blow to the desktop. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, South Florida web design and online marketing firm.