Palm Pre Availability

The Palm Pre has been one of the most anticipated smartphone releases for the summer of 2009, and following its June 06th release, it was not exactly the “iPhone killer” that the masses buzzed about.

The Palm Pre debuted at The Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan on Friday morning,catering to “business customers”, as the key word was used repetitively. This is not surprising, as Sprint’s business sector makes up a majority of the company’s income. In recent years, many of Sprint’s clientele have transitioned to rival carriers to obtain the latest in multimedia devices and services. Sprint is optimistic that the Palm Pre could be the solution to entice new clients and retain its current ones.

When asked about the potential availability of the Palm Pre through Verizon in the future, Sprint avoided the question by stating that the company would be the sole distributor of the device in the United States until the end of 2009.

Palm Pre and Sprint executives tap-danced around bluntly comparing the new device to Apple’s iPhone by placing emphasis on the competitive features that the Palm Pre has that the iPhone lacks, including a full QWERTY keyboard, removable battery and software features such as cut and paste (a common complaint of iPhone users).

The Palm Pre will integrate with Facebook to import profile photos into address books, and it is expected to release a beta version of the software developer’s kit to outside developer’s in the very near future. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency.