Privacy V.S. Progress

With all of the concern regarding online privacy and tracking, it is important to take into account the differing views and opinions involved. There are some who simply want more information provided to them about how they are being tracked online, and to have more control over how the information gathered about them is utilized.

The current data practices of Internet companies are not cohesive with the expectations of their customers, thus creating a rift between the parties. It is common for Internet companies to collect information about their users, and also to divulge what other sites were visited by the user in a growing of marketers to appeal to an increasingly receptive audience based on tracking their interests, age, gender and habits. This practice is referred to as behavioral targeted advertising.

Under much debate is the practice of Ghostery, wherein companies use browser plug-ins that detect cookies, web beacons, and other third party attempts to collect information from users and store it, often without their knowledge. Studies are still going back and forth with accusations, but what remains the most amazing is the often overlooked fact that is evolving into a futuristic and accurate being, and is developing the ability to single out their target audience, a way to save the time and effort of both marketers and users. It seems that once the etiquette of personal information storage and usage is clearly defined, the process will become quite the norm. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency,South Florida web development and online marketing agency.