Take a Bite out of Apple’s New 3GS, and Join YouTube’s Citizen News Channel

Apple Inc. has generated yet another sensational stir by announcing its latest in citizen journalism, err, smartphone technology, with the iPhone 3GS.
The next-generation iPhone was introduced on Monday when Apple demonstrated a new video recording function that has the capacity to transform millions of iPhones into tiny video cameras-capturing their surroundings with the touch of a screen.

Completed and complimented with a “Send to YouTube option”, it has never been easier to upload iPhone content onto the most popular web video site. This feature will essentially create millions of citizen journalists, armed and ready to share their stories and eyewitness accounts at a moment’s notice. The process of gathering, editing and sharing news has never been faster in the history of journalism, or enjoyed such an open sharing platform. The public is becoming increasingly savvy and educated on the techniques and best strategies to use while reporting online, and the ettiquette is continuously improving.

In response to the immense growth in online reporting by individuals on YouTube, the company added a “Citizen News” channel to support the increased need (though some report that the channel is not updated frequently enough).

Technology is improving the method in which users move what they create to where they display it, a very crucial improvement. Tolocate availability of Apple’s 3GS, visit their website for details.
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