Twitter Redesign to Feature Expanded Search Bar

It hardly seems possible that Twitter has already chirped its way to the third-largest online social networking service, riding the draft winds of Facebook and Myspace, according to Compete. The majority of Tweeters initially signed up for the service in 2008, thus giving Twitter an impressive online traffic increase of almost 1000 percent in its first year. I assume a thank-you Oprah is in order… along with other high profile and celebrity tweetsters.

More recently, there has been increasing chatter in the cyber-sphere about Twitter attracting a growing number of users, possibly positioning it to potentially …compete with Google? Surely, that is impossible? Well, Twitter does already feature a search function, search.twitter, and some feel that could allow the social networking sensation to compete with larger search engines someday, if it strengthened its search capabilities.

And to thicken the plot, recently announced new features of Twitter include a… more powerful search function. This will obviously be fascinating to… follow!Sorry, couldn’t resist myself. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, Fort Lauderdale web design and interactive marketing firm.