Twitter Upgrades Tweet Fleet

As popular micro-blogging site Twitter propels forward, it is being groomed and tweaked to fit the needs and preferences of its dynamic user base. Recent changes include improvements to Twitter search function, and the addition of a prominent featured user section. Twitter ascended rapidly to become the third-largest online social networking service, and is showing that it is remaining dedicated by constantly evaluating and evolving its forum. 

Prioritizing search has been a smart move for Twitter. People search daily, many multiple times daily for information, products, and services. For this reason, providing a convenient and functional search option is a great way to cater to Twitter users. Twitter users also tend to be frequent tweeters, so access to a search bar along with the Twitter platform is a perfect match for tweeters searching for information. Twitter has expanded its search bar, shrinking the Twitter logo at the top slightly.

The changes were made with a new search text-entry box positioned at the top right of the site. The revamped Twitter search will boast the capacity to search for tweets that match not just the search query word, but to return relevant discussion about the query. Watch out Google. Many Twitter users are unlikely to notice the small tweaks and changes rolling out, as a large portion of tweeters use the service via stand-alone apps developed by third-party companies, such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck.
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