Who Will Purchase Twitter

Rumors are circulating about companies potentially interested in purchasing Twitter, as the micro-blogging platform continues to increase in popularity. It has become common for larger companies to gauge the success of novice startups, and if they foresee profit potential that can enhance their current operations, they tend to begin the process of making offers.

There is chatter of course that large entities such as Google and Apple could have their eyes on the prize. Google could purchase Twitter and integrate it into their technology arsenal. This would not be a surprising move, after all Google did purchase social media sites MySpace and YouTube. Twitter has millions of active users and is evolving daily-becoming a tool in the daily lives of many.

Apple or any other company could also snatch up the blossoming social mini-platform, and it should be interesting to see what offers roll out. What are your thoughts on this topic? Who, if anyone, do you feel would be the best buyer for Twitter?