Comparing Visitor Engagement by Keyword to Uncover User Patterns on Your Site

How imperative are each of your website keywords, and what sorts of user behaviors are stemming once they arrive at your page through specific keywords? Before deciding to eliminate a keyword from your list for optimization of your site, consider a few tweaks in the content. Oftentimes a keyword will draw a user in enough to visit a page, but the content is not relevant enough to keep the visitor engaged long enough to remain interested, click through, and consider a purchase.

Oftentimes, raw aggregate data is not enough to go on in determining behaviors and visiting patterns of users. By narrowing down and taking a look at just the keywords levels in your website analytics, you may better compare a variety of groups and types of visitors.

Ask yourself: Is there a keyword lowering user engagement stats? Conversely, is there a keyword whose visitors are highly engaged?

Take a moment to analyze your visitors’ next steps. Many analytics platforms offer a feature that provides a list of where visitors click to after landing on a page within your site. Whether users are moving deeper into the site and closer to purchase, or retreating further out of the site, recognizing common next steps of users based on their keyword use will help you uncover future paths of other visitors.

From there, reasses the conbination of your keywords in relation to their relevance or irrelevance.

Although developing an effective strategy for keyword use is important, results take time and often depend on how the keyword strategy aligns with the content involved in the site. In the grand scheme, alignment in relevance between your content and keyword use will produce the best results.