Effective Marketing: Timing is Everything

Of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of competition. -Henry Clay

 Social Media provides an equal amount of challenges and opportunities in the marketing world. Because the internet is being updated, searched, and used in real time, hitting the bull’s eye on  your target can be hit-or-miss. 

 One of the biggest challenges is to stand out from the droning flow of information coming at users in various forms of feeds. Readers tend to look only so far back at what they missed while they were gone, which raises the chance that your information is being lost in the shuffle.

Being aware of when the majority of your target audience will be viewing helps you choose optimal timing for posting Facebook marketing and updates, submitting social news, and Tweeting. This awareness ensures that your messages and content are seen by the masses.

For some time, many believed posting late at night during low-activity hours gave less competition and provided the opportunity of the content to be promoted to front page over night. However, the threshold of promotion to front page remains the same regardless of posting time.

Posting during low activity hours provides more face-time on the front page, and less distractions for users, as there is a slower and lesser amount of information being updated in real time. However, fewer visitors and fewer votes keep ratings lower. There is much more engagement between companies and users during prime time, and ratings go up.