SEO Tip of The Day: Understanding Search: Images VS Text

A vital part of making your Web site more visible is understanding how search engine optimization utilizes keywords to drive traffic to your site. Search engines read the text on your page to determine their results, and they are picky about what is actually considered text. For example, many designers use image files with embedded text to allow them more creative control over the page and to showcase their fonts. Unfortunately, search engines do not read images, and they will pass over your site unnoticed, even with text embedded in the file. Your valuable keyword research and keyword analysis will be of no reward if it’s formatted in a way that will hinder searchers from finding your Web site.

Instead, place your text directly on your page. Search engines will be able to read it and optimize their results based on keyword usage. By placing text directly on your page, you will increase keyword recognition, and thereby more traffic.

There is nothing wrong with placing images on your page, and the practice is certainly is not discouraged. The idea is to create the proper balance, placing images where they are needed, and utilizing text to maximize search results.