Silverpop and SeeWhy Partner to Automate and Optimize Abandonment Follow-up Actions

Silverpop, currently the world’s sole provider of marketing automation solutions and email marketing has partnered with SeeWhy, Inc., the website conversion company. Silverpop accommodates the specific demands of B2C and B2B marketing, while SeeWhy optimizes real-time actions of unique visitors to a site, improving website conversion through perpetual analysis of visitors’ behaviors.

 The partnership between these two companies integrates Abandonment Tracker Pro, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering which meets the demand for remarketing solutions by automating and optimizing abandonment follow-up actions. SeeWhy’s research has found that within the first and most crucial hour of a user abandoning a site, only two percent of web analytics users are able to conduct email remarketing campaigns beyond their regularly generated email marketing campaigns.

 In addition, of the users not currently performing email remarketing and ROI conversion strategies, ninety percent have an interest in doing so. Further supporting those numbers, the 8th Annual Merchant Survey of the e-tailing group discovered the top technique merchants plan to use in order to impact their web conversion rates is targeted email marketing.

 Following online shopping cart abandonment, there is typically a number of days that pass before an email remarketing strategy is used. However, immediate follow-up is the most relevant and least intrusive to the recipient. The integration of Silverpop with Abandonment Tracker Pro, real-time email capabilities become a realistic remarketing strategy. This can have a dramatic and positive impact on a site’s conversion rates, encouraging up to half of abandoners to buy with a simple and effectively-timed follow-up. If too much time goes by, the abandoner will find the product elsewhere or completely lose interest.