What is the Value of Your Fans or Followers in Social Media?

What is the value of your fans or followers in social media? 

Though it’s difficult to have a firm grip on facts and numbers when it comes to rationalizing the amount of time spent towards account and reputation management on social media, the value of Facebook fans and Twitter followers can be measured. As a packaged platform for communication, free advertising, and customer service, Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing provide priceless resources for businesses when time is spent well and targets are aimed properly.

Popularity Contests? Irrelevant.

Success in social media marketing is not about who has more friends… especially with Facebook, a place where people become “fans” of a company and then “hide” (block!) that company’s messages in their feed the instant something irrelevant, boring, or repetitive is broadcast. Your brand can have one hundred fans on facebook, and ninety-nine of them may be blocking your posts from showing up in their feeds!

This of course is no new issue. We will face this topic plenty of times. Because the internet is being updated, searched, and used in real time, hitting the bull’s eye on your target can be hit-or-miss.

One of the biggest challenges is to stand out from the droning flow of information coming at users in various forms of feeds. See our SEO Blog entry “Effective Marketing: Timing is Everything” for further information on timing and targeting for Social Media.

Quality Over Quantity: Consistent & Relevant Wins the Race.

The numbers of fans or followers mean nothing if those numbers are counting user after user outside of your target demographic with social media. Much like building organic search engine rankings through SEO strategies, quality followers are gained naturally over time as you build your business profile’s reputation and relevance. As users find your organization’s message aligning with their interests, they will commit deeper into your brand, and over time will urge their social circle to do the same, whether they do so directly, or passively, such as when their friends receive “recent activity” news announcing what friends recently became fans of a page.

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