Google Launches Google Social Search, Providing Results From Your Personal Social Circle

A new service available through Google Experimental Labs has rolled out, allowing a user to search and find relevant material written by people they know. Social Search is not a Real Time Search like Twitter is  -yet- but it may become that. Through your Google account and usage, Google figures out users you trust, and then makes a point of providing content from them in a higher ranking of your search results. 

A simple sounding concept, Google Social Search allows users to create their social networks and share search results, define what sites they would like included in results, and refine search results based on search activity within a specific network. Those who use Gmail and Google Reader will have an easy time using Google Social Search. Defining and sharing desired results requires work on the users’ end, however, over time the function becomes more intuitive to each user and each network. 

Those already connected in Twitter, Flickr or other public social networks have a head start with Social Search. When a Social Search is performed, you will receive results at the bottom of the classic search page featuring video results, news results, and web results. But with Social Search, a new section with a heading of “Results from people in your social circle for [your search term]” appears. Underneath this heading are results from users you are connected with through social networks. You may turn up relevant Tweets or Flickr photographs from users you follow on either of those sites.

How It Works

It’s one thing to know your friends and social circle. It’s another to know what they post publicly. Links are the secret to bringing everything together. For example:

1.Google can tell you have a friend on Flickr

2.That friend has a link to their blog in their Flickr profile

3.Google follows the links and then understands that they are connected to that blog

4.Your friend’s blog links to their Twitter account

5.Google may understand, then, that the person you know on Flickr is also related to their Twitter account, even if that account wasn’t listed on their Flickr profile

Social Search only searches publicly-posted content and brings results to you that are from public posts. Only you will see results from your friends, and only friends will see results from you.

The friends and results you receive vary from query to query, depending on what you’re searching for and who has related content.

To try Google Social Search today, Visit Google Experimental Labs, then let us know what you think!