SEO Tip of the Day-Optimize URL and Search Results

Today we have a few pointers on optimizing search engine results and organizing categories within your site.

Best practices for search-friendly pages include keyword placement in URLs, and titling your site’s pages in ways that are friendly for both humans and search engines.

One topic per page.

If you have a variety products or services, devote at least one page per topic. You may have a page that outlines your products and services, but from there, link to individual and specific pages for each product or service. 

For example, imagine a website that sells all kinds of baseball bats. The page showcasing the general selection should have a URL along the lines of “”.  From there, we find subcategories of baseball bats for children and baseball bats for adults. 

Provide Clean, Readable URLs (For Humans and Search Engines)

When a user selects baseball bats for adults, the URL should then read something along the lines of “”, and the ones for children? “”, of course.

Skip the Fancy Characters

The only special characters to include in a URL are hyphens. Hyphens act as spaces, separating words and allowing search engines to read a URL. If instead the URL read “”, a search engine crawler would view the URL as one long word. In that case, when a human searches for the term “baseball bats for children”, the above URL would not show up in search results.