SEO Tip of the Day- Anchor Text

Anchors, Aweigh: What’s the Weight of Your Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. 

The number one search factor lies in having inbound links from other sites. However, not all links are created equally. 

Let’s say your website offers Brand Development Strategies and Creative Email Campaigns.

Ideally, the text in their content would be linked like the following:

Click the following for a Brand Development Strategy or a Creative Email Campaign.

However, too many times you’ll come across a site that instead takes the following route:

Click here for a Brand Development Strategy or click here for a Creative Email Campaign.

Anchor text has more weight when the keywords that become a link are also relevant terms within your site, or keywords your site is ranking for.

This example is an important one to keep in mind even when titling and using your own internal links. Avoid generic and nondescript terms such as “here” “home” “main” or “back” when linking to pages within your own site.

About Brand Development Strategies

At Blue Interactive Agency, we believe your brand experience and identity is beyond simply a name, tagline or logo. In social media marketing and the interactive marketplace, your brand is the customers’ experience each time they interact with your company in online platforms as well as in the tangible world. With landscapes facing change, new and potential customers will first perform online research to discover information about your company and its reputation management. Which experience of your brand do you want them to have as a first impression?

Blue Interactive Agency works close with your organization, constantly reviewing your goals, objectives and strategy. Having a strong brand is an invaluable asset, as the daily battle for clients intensifies. Researching and defining your brand is an important investment. From here, we collaborate you’re your company, providing direction on building a timeline, enacting a strategy and setting reachable targets.

About Creative E-mail Marketing Campaigns
By using E-mail marketing, you are putting into place a highly effective means to build customer acquisition as well as customer retention. By producing measurable results with a direct and personal message to subscribers, e-mail campaigns keep customers at a high level of brand awareness with your company. Blue Interactive Agency has a strategic partnership with Silverpop, which allows Blue to provide clients with a rich email marketing solution that comes with analytics and deliverability measurements to help drive ROI.