SEO Tip of the Day Gather the Most Online Real Estate for Your Brand

Gather the Most Online Real Estate for Your BrandSEO Tip of the Day Gather the Most Online Real Estate for Your Brand

Now that you’ve created and generated a thorough sitemap and have a strong structure for your website, Google crawlers will begin to explore and index your site. A well-organized website will yield two results in Google when your brand name is searched.

Google allows a maximum of two results per search per page (domain) for any site. Filters for webmasters treat sub domains as a folder, and all sub domains are considered by robots as the integral part of a parent domain.

Only two search results are  shown per domain / per search result page. No matter how high a level of SEO relevance the pages of your site may have, this limit of two not only prevents Brand A from monopolizing the entire first page of results, but also keeps competitor Brand B from gaining SEO ranking from Brand A’s name or keywords.

On Google, a competitor may not sabotage another brand’s opportunity of achieving organic SEO rankings. This filter came into place after early webmasters exploited search results using the SEO relevance of their sub domains to include growing numbers of pages in Google’s displayed results. Because Google does not support black hat SEO, it bases results on algorithms to prevent webmasters from unethically monopolizing top ten Google search results.

Beyond your brand’s website URL, it is important to create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and other various social media networks. When choosing user names and URLs for these sites, remember the tips we mentioned in regards to optimizing URL and search results.

Other ways to help your brand take up as much online real-estate as possible:

  • Maintain a blog that links to your home page. Place strategic links within blog entries. For instance, if you sell a variety of toys, write a blog about a specific toy, and link to the specific toy’s page within the blog so readers are directed to the product.
  • Join blogging networks such as Digg and StumbleUpon
  • Regularly generate and publish press releases to PR Newswire and PR Log

Taking up online real estate in your company’s name is a great way to organically dominate the first page of search results and make sure competitors aren’t capitalizing on your company name.

Below is what an ideal first page result would be when someone searches your brand:

The first two results will be your website URL’s maximum 2 results per search.

The next eight results will be various press releases that your brand is mentioned in, social media sites, video results from your YouTube channel, blogging networks linking to your blog, and your Twitter page.

For a visual example, Google search “Blue Interactive Agency” and pay attention to the green font URLs, as they show you what site is generating the result.

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