How to Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media Marketing Strategies

With over 350 million active users and more than 65 million users currently accessing Facebook through mobile devices, and upwards of 700,000 local businesses with active Pages, Facebook fuels and facilitates the necessity of interactive marketing to increase web traffic.

 About 175 million of Facebook’s active users sign in to Facebook on any given day. Within the course of a week, Facebook users produce an average of more than 3.5 billion pieces of content, including news stories, blogs, notes, website links, videos and photographs.

On average, a user spends at least an hour per day on Facebook, clicks the “like” button on 9 pieces of content and writes 25 comments each month. The average user is invited to 3 events and becomes a fan of 2 pages each month, and is a member of 12 groups. 

Interactive networks and social media prove to be a strong and available means for targeting a specific demographic through online marketing. A well-planned Internet marketing strategy utilizing social media greases the gears driving a successful interactive marketing campaign. Social media provides a powerful and customizable platform through which endless engagements with your target audience may be made.  

Content is king, but relevance is the crown. Whether your brand is creating and posting videos, photographs, or blogs, a well-planned culture of content in responses and engagement with users is imperative to the success of your marketing strategy. Maintaining consistency in branding and communication across all platforms and media in an informative and engaging manner gains user loyalty and perpetuates social engagement. 

Through social media, users are in control. They are information sponges, aware of what brands they are connecting with and researching to find out more about those entities. Users want to be fed information and engage in social commentary, and the biggest mistake a brand can make is to push a sale or add a call to action towards a conversion.  

Brand loyalty is gained through consistency and relevance. Connecting your brand’s various social media accounts to one another as well as to and from its website not only increases website traffic, it also provides the opportunity for your brand to maintain consistency and allow users to experience it for themselves.

When your target is ready to convert and make a purchase, they will do so. Not because you pushed a sale, but because you gained brand awareness and trust through informing relevantly and engaging consistently.