SEO Tip of The Day: How to Optimize Video on YouTube

With a variety of online marketing and interactive marketing platforms from which to choose, YouTube is arguably the most powerful one available. However, the potential for that power is all in how you use YouTube marketing, and how you share your video content.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

In order to reach a global audience with a successful video marketing strategy, you must optimize videos to make them search engine optimized. Today, we’ll discuss a number of video optimization tactics with a step-by-step on how to optimize video.

When creating a marketing campaign on YouTube, you must choose a strategic YouTube account name for your brand. Give the account the name of your company or as close to your company name or website domain name as you can get. 

If your company name is Round Red Balloons, Inc. and the name is available for your YouTube account, you can have a clean and memorable URL that looks like

As Always, Relevance is Key.

Treat your YouTube pages just as you would a landing page, providing relevant and rich profile information, keyword descriptors, and even your company’s mission statement, products and services. Be sure to link to your company website in the website field. This increases website optimization and brand visibility.

Users who enjoy your video content will be curious and look into more information about your brand, likely clicking on your website URL and exploring the site further, thus increasing website traffic.

Capture the Perfect YouTube Screenshot.

When editing the video, keep in mind that the exact halfway point in the video is what YouTube uses as your video’s thumbnail, and use this knowledge to your strategic advantage. YouTube does not allow users to choose exactly what part of the video will ultimately be the video’s screenshot after it is uploaded.

What’s in a name? Everything.

Before uploading optimized video content, rename the video file name. Typically a default file name for a video is a generic series of numbers and letters. If your video is a how-to on popping red balloons, name the video file [how-to-pop-red-balloons] and then upload it.

Upload and Get Found.

In order to be found by your target audience, optimize the title of your video using relevant keywords that would increase web traffic from searchers looking for a video they may be interested in.

Fill in tags with descriptive and relevant keywords aimed at your target audience and what they may be searching for. Also use variations of spellings for users who may misspell more difficult words. Tags will help your content show up in “related videos” which increases views, brand awareness and increases website traffic as well.


Get Your Video Thumbnail in Universal Search in Three Steps.

Add your video to existing ranked pages on your site that are relevant to the video.

Submit MRSS and XML sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster Tools

Allow the option for direct link to video file

These steps help you get your video to show up in Google’s blended search results.

Google crawlers must be made aware of the video’s presence on a page on your website or it will not index it. Typically Google begins indexing videos within a matter of days of its submission.

Share With The World.

Take your optimized videos and send them out into the world… wide web!  A Social media platform such as Facebook allows you to engage fans and users with content and video, and in turn increases the effectiveness of your interactive marketing.  

Social media accounts allow your fans to repost and share your videos with just a quick click. If you play your card right from production to editing and uploading, you’ve increased the odds of your video going viral, reaching a global network of interested users.