SEO Tip of the Day: How to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

With over 400 million users on Facebook, the social media platform can be extremely useful to tap into a large audience at little or no cost. From small companies to large corporations, businesses are marketing their brand through Facebook fan pages. In fact, there are about 2 million active fan pages in existence. But what is the most effective way to reach out to your audience using these Facebook fan pages? Here are a few helpful tricks.

  • Throw an event. Give your fans an event to be excited about and they will promote it for you by sharing it with their friends, and so on.  Also, follow up with them after the event for feedback and to keep the conversation going. The responses can continue to create buzz for future events.
  • Give them something exclusive. Offer your Facebook fans specials, like free shipping, coupons or a weekly special promoted on the fan page. Companies like Sears, with over 160,000 fans, have been very successful with these promotions.
  • Keep content fresh. Syndicate your content. Import blog posts, Twitter tweets or other social media networks to your fan page to keep the steady stream of content coming in.
  • Ask fans to respond to yes/no questions and to “Like” your updates. If you ask your fans to “Like” your status update, studies have seen a 200-300% increase in response! Asking yes/no instead of open-ended questions also gains a much larger reaction.
  • Now you can target your updates! If you want a message to go out only to your fans in Florida, or only to Spanish-speaking fans, you may specify your status update next to the “Share” button. You can target the location, down to city/state and by language who you want to see your update. So now you can make the most of your Facebook marketing through regional promotions.

By developing your Facebook fan page, it will become a more useful interactive marketing tool to promote your brand.