Interactive Barcodes Increase Interest for Brands

Brands are using interactive barcodes in their marketing strategies to amplify consumer interaction and interest in movies, retail and entertainment. Universal Pictures, Brooks Shoe Company and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have all started to increase their use of interactive barcodes such as QR codes that typically require download through a Smartphone. Marketers place the QR codes on print material, which consumers can then take a photo of on their Smartphones to receive information from the company in visual or video format.

Universal Pictures used QR codes to promote the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which opened in theaters on August 13. The QR codes were printed on promotional movie posters so consumers could scan the barcode to download the movie’s trailer on their Smartphones. “You’re starting to see those codes used as rich media – or even extensions to campaigns,” says Doug Neil, SVP of digital marketing at Universal Pictures.

Brooks Shoe Company promoted their new Ghost 3 running shoe by sending out direct mail pieces with the barcodes printed on. They also placed barcodes on employee t-shirts at Finish Line, one of Brooks’ retail partners. Consumers who scan the barcode will get to watch a video about Brooks products.

As part of the effort to increase consumer interaction, the WWE launched an interactive marketing campaign last month that sent direct mail with barcodes to 700,000 consumers to promote their August 15 “SummerSlam” event. Consumers who scanned the interactive barcode could view a video montage of WWE talent.

Interactive barcodes have become useful in turning a static two-dimensional print marketing piece into a rich media experience. More brands will be honing in on the video content and interactive element of barcodes such as QR codes in order to increase the level of interest with consumers.