How to Build Your Email Marketing List Organically

Email marketing is highly effective for customer acquisition and retention because it produces direct, personal messages that are easily tracked and measured. So what are some ways to grow your email marketing list for you to reach a larger audience? You should be promoting email sign-ups on your website and at trade shows and conferences, but here are some more tips to help you further develop your email marketing campaign.

BtoB 2010 E-mail Marketer Insight Guide gives some unexpected ways that you can build your email marketing list organically.

  1. Social Sharing. Ask your customers and prospects to share email and web content with their social networks. Then have a method for viewers to sign up for emails. This is completely trackable, so you’ll know your conversion rate with this email marketing method.
  2. Facebook Connect API. The Facebook Connect API allows people to sign in to your website using their Facebook account, which gives you access to their valuable public information such as their email addresses and Facebook profiles.
  3. QR Codes. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, often found on print marketing material, allow users to scan the code on their smartphones to link to a website with additional information. Use QR codes to bring customers to a landing page where they’ll be prompted to sign up for an e-newsletter for more information about your product or service.
  4. Offline Opportunities. Think of any offline opportunities for you to promote your e-newsletter – whether it’s on receipts, business cards, pens or on your storefront itself.

Blue Interactive Agency uses marketing strategies to help you expand your customer base and garner higher response rates by creating custom email campaigns and tracking results to improve future campaigns. BIA offers complete email marketing solutions to drive ROI for your business, including:

An email marketing strategy and plan must be in place to engage new customers and prospects.

The right balance between images and text is key to email campaign performance.

Landing Page Optimization
Brand and message must carry over into the page that is clicked on from the email.

Social Media Integration
Allow for interaction from the readers with readily-available social media buttons.

Make sure your message reaches its destination with white-listing strategies and ISP relationships.

Reporting and Analytics
Get actionable insight from your data with real-time analytics and reporting.

Data / List Management
Create an email list based on demographics that are highly specific to your campaign.