Twitter Analytics is Rolling Out

Twitter is launching its official analytics tool that is currently in alpha testing with a select group of users. Although it’s unknown when Twitter Analytics will be widely available, a Twitter executive has said earlier this year that an analytics tool is expected to debut by the end of 2010.

The official Twitter Analytics tool will be very useful for Twitter marketing in giving a wide range of information about a user’s account, such as which tweets are the most successful, who are the most influential people that retweet their messages, and which tweets cause people to unfollow. Mashable has revealed screenshots for what the new analytics will look like, and so far it has features similar looking to Google Analytics. One feature of Twitter Analytics is a bar graph that measures tweets over 6-hour increments and shows best tweets, good tweets and all tweets.

“We gave a very small group of Twitter users access to a simple and straightforward analytics dashboard, as part of an alpha test. This first group of testers includes users who have worked with Twitter and are doing interesting things with their Twitter accounts. We’re experimenting with tools like this to give users insight on how to make their Tweets more compelling for Twitter users, and we don’t have a timeline for wider distribution,” says a Twitter spokesperson to Search Engine Land.

Twitter Analytics is the result of demand for better monitoring and analytics tools, and will be offered free of charge. This might strike a blow to current free Twitter analytics tools when the official analytics rolls out as the demand for better monitoring in social media marketing increases.