YouTube Rolls Out New Personalized Homepage

This week YouTube rolled out their new homepage with a real emphasis on personalized video browsing. For over a month now, YouTube has been testing this new version of the homepage, but starting this week, all users can opt in to the new and improved homepage.

YouTube hopes to draw in more viewers with the new homepage that incorporates a newsfeed of your subscription, friend activity and recommendations. While the old homepage was chock full of recommendation boxes, YouTube’s recent changes hope to make the video browsing experience a simple and seamless one.

A great new feature is the ability to personalize your YouTube homepage with options to delete videos. Videos you’ve already watched will be grayed out so you know which videos you have yet to view. The new homepage also prominently displays your recent likes and favorite videos so you can easily get back to them.

With more emphasis on the newsfeed and less on your subscriptions, YouTube is striving to provide a more personalized, real-time video viewing experience. Some other enhancements include:

  • If a channel loads 4 videos a day, you will see all 4 on your homepage instead of just the latest video.
  • Links to your inbox of personal messages and comments are emphasized.
  • Load more videos – you can watch old videos without leaving the homepage.

The enhancements are designed not only to improve user experience but to give marketers more exposure to their videos. Every day, 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube, proving its worth as a critical component of social media marketing. As the leader in online video, YouTube continually proves to be an effective tool in launching a successful marketing campaign.