What’s Your Social Media Content Strategy?

Every social media marketing campaign should consist of relevant, engaging content at the core of its strategy. Every status update should be a part of building your brand. And don’t underestimate the value of garnering those Facebook “Likes”. According to Mashable, Facebook users who click the “Like” button typically have 2.4 times more friends than people who don’t, and they click on 5.3 times more links on Facebook than others. These people are your target audience.

So how should you develop your social media content strategy? Here are some tips on how to build better relationships with your fans and followers.

1.       Build your brand. Set the tone of your status updates. Are you playful, witty, influential? Your status updates should be consistent with your brand’s image.

2.       Timing is everything! Holidays, sales, pop culture and current events should all play a role the timing of your social media content. Keep a calendar to schedule your updates.

3.       Give honest, real content. People can sniff out when you’re faking it. Keeping your posts human with a personality will be best in engaging your audience.

4.       Stay on top of reputation management. Be proactive in answering questions or helping your audience solve a problem – it’s all a part of building trust and strengthening relationships.

5.       Use social media optimization (SMO). Make your content easier to share across the social web! AddThis is a great functional social sharing plugin. Gigya allows people to share multiple networks at once without leaving your website. These tools will help you to share your content more extensively across the web.