Facebook Debuts New Pages Format

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out a new format for pages that more closely resembles the recently revamped personal profiles. The new format offers improved functionality and appearance. New features allow administrators more control over content.

Unlike personal profiles, Facebook pages are typically designed for businesses, brands, public figures and organizations. Administrators are those given permission to make status updates, make or delete comments, posts pictures and all of the functions a regular user has control over. As with all of Facebook’s redesigns, if you choose to upgrade your page(s) to the new layout, it cannot be reverted. Facebook commented, “All pages on Facebook will appear in the new layout beginning March 2011.”

The new pages profile displays five of the most recent pictures at the top of the profile, a handy navigation menu on the left, and administrators will now be able to choose whether their activity on the page will show as the page itself or their personal Facebook profile. The new pages profile has many benefits for the business. Since the format is so similar to personal profiles, users will be more likely to browse through all of the content on the page due to the familiarity of its functions and layout.

For businesses, Facebook marketing is an increasingly valuable tool, and the latest pages redesign is sure to increase fan interaction. Social media marketing continues to improve upon itself, offering companies better and better opportunities to take advantage of the massive online market. Keeping up with the dynamic nature of social media sites, Blue Interactive Agency continues to utilize the new tools that Facebook and other social sites offer. To learn how Blue can help your business increase and improve its online presence, call 954-779-2801.