How Much Do You Know About Facebook Photo Sharing?

There are over 500 million active Facebook users, 50 percent of whom log on in any given day, spending over 700 billion minutes per month on the social networking site. With these kinds of statistics, it’s no wonder social photo discovery engine Pixable and Harvard Professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski teamed up to study user behavior with Facebook photos.

The study aimed to compile statistics on who is sharing photos, how many photos are shared, when they’re sharing and what types of photos social networks prefer. In their blog, Pixable stated, “Pixable Photofeed alone sorted through 10 billion photos in the first month after the launch of the app. This is only a glimpse into the massive volume of photos circulating in social networks.”

Below is the infographic that shows data based on a sample of 100,000 Pixable Photofeed users.

The facts in the infographic are pretty interesting, but what else did Pixable have to say about their findings?

On the photo sharing explosion: “There is a photo sharing explosion as a result of the 600 million Facebook users around the world connecting with their friends through the common language of photos, as well as the increasing ease of taking and sharing photos with the advent of the iPhone and Android phones.” Pixable summarizes, “At the rate of 6 billion photos uploaded each month, there will be about 100 billion photos on Facebook by summer 2011.”

On when users share photos: Regarding their finding that most photos are uploaded on the weekend as opposed to the following Monday or Tuesday, Pixable states that, “This may indicate that photo uploading is an effort done best during one’s free time, i.e., not during work, when coincidentally, Internet activity peaks.”

Men vs. Women: the social photo discovery engine found that women upload two times more photos than men (347 vs. 179), Women are also tagged in twice as many photos (73 vs. 35) and that, “Pretty much everyone prefers photos with females.”

On age: The study found that older users upload almost as many photos as their younger counterparts, and that “photo tags begin to decline among users in their late 20’s.”

For more detailed information on this fascinating social media study, read Pixable’s company blog post.