How to Set Up a Business Twitter Profile

As one of the top social media platforms today, Twitter is a great tool for businesses to market their brand, increase online traffic, network with other companies and interact with customers. Just like writing a company blog is different than maintaining a personal blog, running a business Twitter account is different than personal tweeting. There are some general guidelines to stick to for creating the most effective business Twitter profile possible.

  • For branding purposes, secure your company name on Twitter and reserve your URL.
  • Definitely use a company logo or picture, not the default avatar! People like to visualize your company and know that you take the profile seriously. A customized, professional looking Twitter background will help build your company brand.
  • Fill out your company name, location and link to your company website. Write the 160 word bio describing your company.
  • Use the suggested categories to help you find people and companies in your industry to follow. You can also import your address book to find people to follow.
  • Quality content is key. Post interesting thoughts and news articles about your industry and interact with others. Try not to post directly about your company itself, but rather news that people would be interested in reading to set yourself as an industry leader and to grow followers.
  • When someone asks you a question directly, be sure to answer as soon as possible. You can monitor tweets to your company or about your company using tweetscan or tweetbeep.
  • Be professional and stay away from sensitive topics such as politics and religion, but don’t be afraid to show a sense of humor! Communicate in your company’s tone of voice.

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