Online Media to Receive More Ad Dollars in 2011

In recent years, online media has transcended traditional marketing methods, receiving a growing cut of company’s marketing budgets. In the past, ad dollars went chiefly to print newspapers and magazines, radio and television. Now, media agencies are reorganizing their client’s marketing budget portfolios to include online media, a trend expected to grow considerably in 2011.

A recent article by Mashable explains the rise in online advertising, “Jump-started by the economic downturn and propelled by changing consumer habits, Internet advertising and social media have captured a growing share of the market and a disproportionate share of the industry buzz and innovation.” Although television is still the most popular advertising outlet, online marketing is quickly making a name for itself as an economical media outlet with the ability to reach an audience of hundreds of millions.

The dynamic nature of technology has lent itself to frequent innovations, allowing media agencies to integrate traditional media with social media and mobile technology. QR codes are growing in popularity, and can be placed on tangible marketing materials like newspapers, ultimately leading to a company’s website or special deals and offers through the use of a smart phone.

Gone are the days of inadequate or ineffective methods of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. A noteworthy benefit of using online media is the ability to more accurately measure the effectiveness of your online campaign using a host of analytics. Mashable notes, “The perennial difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of marketing is not gone, but it has evolved. With constant instantaneous feedback pouring in from across the web, the biggest problem is knowing how to analyze the deluge of data — and turn it into action.”

The folks at Mashable compiled information and statistics from several reputable industry sources to create the infographic below.

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