10 Things to Do Before Choosing an SEO Company

Choosing a search engine optimization company is a big decision for any business, especially since choosing the wrong one can lead to costly penalties. Asking the right questions will set you on the right path for finding a quality SEO firm suited to your needs. Here are some tips for knowing how to choose the best SEO company possible.

1. Ask your social network of friends, clients and fellow business owners about their experiences working with SEO companies and if they have any to recommend.

2. Ask for references. A high quality SEO company should have no problem providing a few references for you to call.

3. Ask for the SEO company’s full portfolio of products and services. A full service SEO company is better equipped to decide which services are best for your business.

4. Find out what other clients the SEO firm has and if any of them are similar to you. An SEO company with similar clients as you can capitalize on their experiences as well as demonstrate a proven track record.

5. Do a search on the search engine optimization company and see what organic results show up! What better way to test the SEO firm’s search engine ranking abilities than to see how they rank in their own industry.

6. Avoid companies that promise too much. If an SEO firm claims “guaranteed number one search results,” then it’s too good to be true. Organic search engine results take time to build and there are no shortcuts.

7. Beware of black hat companies! Black hat tactics like using automatic directories or duplicate content on web pages will get you banned on Google not to mention having to pay high penalty costs. Pick a company that only employs white hat SEO strategies.

8. Present a general SEO problem that you are having with your website and ask how the SEO firm would go about correcting it. This could be the step in catching any black hat strategies.

9. Ask how your website will be monitored and measured. Find out what type of search engine ranking reports you will receive and how often you will get them.

10. Finally, ask for a free website analysis to see if the SEO company has any suggestions for improving the operations of your website.