A New Way to Hire: Social Media Replacing the Old Cover Letter

Are you only looking for work on job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder? Many companies are now incorporating social media to recruit employees instead of the traditional method of submitting a resume and cover letter.
Companies like Google and MTV Networks are using social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs to reach out to college students for internships and job opportunities. They also make their websites mobile-friendly for those who wish to apply via smartphone.

InternMatch.com recently published a list of 30 start-up companies seeking interns. They ask for applicants to leverage social media to convey their qualifications with just one rule – no cover letters allowed. Applicants may use blogs, videos, tweets or any other social media platform to apply for an internship that interests them.

These methods attract millenials that tend to be more technologically advanced. And apparently, using social media for the job hunting process is a two-way street. Studies show that 28% of college students use LinkedIn to seek employment. The job market is still competitive so job-seekers are looking to innovative tools to stay ahead.

If you’re seeking employment, here are some ways to use social media to gain that extra edge and be proactive in attracting companies that you want to work for.

First and foremost, make sure all of your social media accounts are professional and appropriate for employers to view. The next step is to identify which companies you are interested in, and you may reach out to their employees via social media. With so much public information on social media networks, it is easy to directly contact people on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or, attract attention by demonstrating your skills in a blog. Subscribe to blogs that have job postings, like Mashable’s job board that features jobs in the social media and tech field. Be proactive on Twitter and LinkedIn and state that you are looking for employment. Integrating social media into a traditional job search process will open up more doors in a competitive market.