Mobile Devices Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Remember Motorola Razr phones that were so popular years ago, or the buzz around the debut of the first Apple iPhone? Mobile devices have certainly come a long way in the last ten years, and have changed our lives in the way we do many things, from shopping and navigating directions to sharing on social media networks. As of 2011, there are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers globally, according to dotMobi. It’s amazing to think about what will develop in mobile technology in years to come.

A major innovation in mobile devices that we are starting to see is the concept of augmented reality. In summer 2009, the world’s first mobile augmented reality browser, Layar, debuted. The technology integrates computer graphics into real world environments, adding images and sounds to enhance our reality. By scanning a location with your smartphone, you can use Layar to find real estate, prices and contact information of realtors in the area, for example.

Beyond augmented reality, the look of mobile devices itself is predicted to change for improved functionality. The Nokia Aeon is an example of a concept phone featured on the company website.  The sleek touchscreen phone is rumored to go into production next February.








Huffington Post featured some more “future phone” designs. See some unique predictions here!







With the “Window Phone” concept, your finger is your stylus, and you simply blow on the screen to switch modes.







This cell phone concept has a glass design and allows for 3D imaging, making the most of Google Maps featured here.

Do you have any predictions or features you would like to see in future mobile phone designs? Let us know!