Social Media and the Royal Wedding

Over 20 million people were glued to their televisions and computers bright and early this a.m. in anticipation of the biggest royal wedding in 30 years. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s multi-million dollar affair has dominated social media sites. An article by Rosa Golijan of the Today Show’s Digital Life notes, “While we are unable to confirm it at this time, we believe that this may be one of the only times that a single event has managed to monopolize all ten of the worldwide trend spots on Twitter. Not too shabby for a wedding.” Top trending topics currently include “#RoyalWedding,” “#proudtobebritish,” “#rw11” and “William & Kate.”

Although you’ve likely heard several moans and groans from Americans who could care less about the massive event, some new figures gathered by Webtrends, “The Global Leader in Mobile and Social Analytics,” prove that we’re interested. An extraordinary 65 percent of all social media content related to the royal wedding has originated in the United States in the past month, with the U.K. only being responsible for 20 percent.

But proof of its popularity doesn’t end there – according to USA Today, social media buzz for the royal wedding has officially “surpassed that for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the people’s uprising in Egypt.” Other Webtrend analytics: 911,000 royal wedding tweets were tracked in the last 30 days, which translates to roughly 30,000 a day, accounting for 71 percent of all social media tracked by Webtrends.

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