Big Facebook City Lights!

If you’ve read any of our blogs in the past couple months, you’re more than familiar with Facebook’s power and unparalleled reach. It’s hard to fathom just how enormous this “virtual empire” is when, for most of us, we only use the social network to engage with friends in our personal network. But now, a blog dedicated to interesting social infographics, entitled “Social Studies,” has compiled a host of information to answer the question: What if Facebook were a city?

With over 600 million users and growing, this hypothetical Facebook city would be nearly double the population of the United States, and would instantly become the world’s most populated city. New York would have some stiff competition as “The Capital of the World,” since Facebook city would offer over 900 million destinations, groups, pages and events; talk about a city that never sleeps! An impressive 70 different languages would be spoken, making it the most culturally diverse city on the planet.

On the Facebook city map, Lady Gaga gets her own park, Farmville Fields is big enough to require full-time fun crop maintenance and Lower Facebook Places is one of the biggest bouroughs around. Upper and Lower Facebook city is divided by the River of Status Updates and Upper Fan Pages would hold one of the top spots for area residents.

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