Tag You’re It! Facebook Photos Show Online Love to Brands

Facebook Tag Pictures




This week, Facebook announced yet another new feature, this time for photo tagging. The social networking site, which has grown from 66 million members to over 640 million in less than four years according to Business Week, now permits users to tag Facebook Business Pages in pictures.

Ever want to show off those new shoes and let everyone know where you got them? Well, now you can, as Facebook now allows users to tag Brand and Product Pages in their personal photos. This new development is great news for companies, affording them the ability to virally spread brand awareness, all free of charge. Since 78 percent of people trust peer recommendations (with a relatively menial 14 percent trusting advertisements), this is an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to cash in. The tagged pictures will show up on the Brand or Product Pages’ Photo tab, and Page admins will have the ability to remove any photos they deem inappropriate or harmful to their image.

Although the initial news of this new photo-tagging feature gave way to expected and justifiable privacy concerns, users can rest assured that their personal privacy settings still apply – if only your friends are able to see your personal pictures and you tag a Brand/Product Page, it will not post to that Brand/Product’s Page. Facebook went live with the new feature Wednesday, and more photo tagging options are expected soon.

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