Twitter SEO Tip: Do You Tweet SERP?

Blue Interactive Agency Twitter SEO

As Google, Bing and all the other major search engines continue to expand, grow and integrate social and other features, it has never been more important to optimize. Sure, you’re familiar with the typical SEO practices, link building and other ways to increase your page rank, but did you know Twitter can be another valuable optimization resource? It’s called TweetSERPing, which means using Twitter to improve web ranking.

Since its inception, Twitter has quickly proved its collective social power, as evidenced by the Egyptian revolution earlier this year and more recently, Osama Bin Laden’s Death being leaked on Twitter and the breaking news of the Royal Wedding.

Despite its forced brevity, the network has established itself as a serious source for news, entertainment and business alike. This is why it’s time to take a look at your company’s Twitter profile and bio with new eyes.

Tweet SERP Tip: In your Twitter profile, your ‘bio’ is actually the meta description of your Page, making it an incredibly important aspect of search engine optimization on your profile. Incorporate your keywords.

Use relevant keywords in your Twitter profile  that relate both to the general content of your tweets as well as the website you wish to promote. Although this can often be overlooked in terms of keyword optimization, it should be considered one of the most beneficial features of  Twitter marketing in terms of SEO, albeit within 160 characters!

If you’re having difficulty coming up with the right keywords for your bio, consider your target audience. Business professionals typically use Twitter either to learn something new, to share their interests with you or to find out more about your interests. Therefore, you want to choose keywords that will attract your desired audience to increase your potential to gain relevant followers who will retweet your information.

Twitter is quickly being recognized as a necessary part of any successful interactive marketing campaign. Take time to regularly review your profile and bio to ensure you’re getting the best ROT (return on time) invested.

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