5 Tips for Effective Facebook P.R.

We’ve analyzed the skyrocketing numbers of marketers who have made the transition to interactive marketing, but what are the most effective ways to use these new platforms? If you have embarked on a social media marketing campaign for your company, what strategies have you utilized? All Facebook, The Unofficial Facebook Resource, recently posted an article with tips for spreading the word about your business on the social site. A follow up detailed some great recommendations from readers as well. Let’s take a look at some of the insightful suggestions from All Facebook readers:

  1. Notes: Post a note and tag people. Although Facebook only allows you to tag a maximum of 30 people in a given note post, this will help your message look less like spam and more like relevant business communiqué.
  2. Careful use of Notes: While they’re a good idea, posting too many will cause readers to label you a spammer, the black sheep of the Facebook marketing world. Make sure that if you regularly post notes, to delete all but one from the news feed.
  3. Link Sharing: The first rule of sharing a link on your wall is to limit. Be selective about what and how often you post a link so that users will value the few links you do choose to share.
  4. Use the EdgeRank algorithm to your advantage: Facebook’s ranking algorithm favors posts with high levels of interaction, so pick relevant information that is as universally appealing and interesting as possible to encourage likes and comments.
  5. AIDA: Suggested by Facebook marketers, this stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action; this is the “formula for increasing interaction [to] engage your audience using tactics such as contests, questions, interesting content and formulas.”

Check out the original post by All Facebook for more great tips on how to best use Facebook to your marketing advantage. And, as always, if you’re looking to launch your interactive marketing portfolio, contact Blue Interactive Agency today!