Blogging Strategies: How to Top Search Engine Results

Nowadays, everyone’s a blogger. With a few clicks, you can have your very own blogging site, so it’s no wonder so many personal and professional blog pages exist. Although more and more businesses are getting in on organic search engine optimization through blogging, it’s important to remember the ins and outs of SEO, and how to get the best return on investment.

The Social Media Examiner published an article outlining some key tips on the most effective SEO blogging strategies. Each blog post should be considered as another opportunity to rank higher for a given search term(s). Here are some highlights from the article:

Choose the best blogging platform: While Joomla, Drupal and TypePad are all great platforms, WordPress has a few noteworthy advantages – ease of use, higher relative power over other platforms and a cache of SEO plugins designed to increase your chances of ranking.

Own your domain: Your business should be independent of your blogging site so that you aren’t building up inbound links to someone else’s site. It also allows you to “retain all the inbound links you’ve gathered over the years.”

Be consistent and committed: Unlike PPC, organic SEO blogging requires continuous effort in order to stay on top (and its effects last longer, whereas PPC stops the moment you stop paying). New, original posts should be created 2 to 3 times per week, between 300 to 700 words.

Brainstorm keyword phrases: Start off the process on your own, with co-workers and/or with the help of your client. Choose words you believe your prospects are searching for and test them with keyword analysis tools like Raven Tools, Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Keyword Discovery.

Best Use of Keywords: Since “search engines give more weight to the first three or four words in your title,” make sure you use your top keywords here. Try to use your phrase within the first two sentences of the post, and a couple more times throughout the body. Lastly, be sure to link to appropriate pages on your site. If you reference “search engine marketing,” be sure to link it that page on your own website

It’s not enough to simply create a blog post and send it out into the infinite web-verse. Careful and informed SEO copywriting is a necessity in today’s interactive landscape. If you are looking for professional SEO copywriters, contact Blue Interactive Agency today!