Do You Consider Your iPhone or Android your Fifth Limb?

Do you consider your iPhone or Android your fifth limb? Well, you’re far from alone, as recent surveys prove that smartphone users say they couldn’t live without their beloved mobile devices.

It is estimated that 1 in 2 people will own a smartphone by Christmas of this year, according to a Nielsen survey. Prosper Mobile Insights also conducted a survey that found that 52.9 percent of smartphone users utilize all of the functions of their mobile devices. Respondents named texting, Internet and email as their favorite functions, while calling features, GPS and Facebook came in close behind. Our smartphone addictions serve as prime opportunitieProsperSmartphone.pdfs for advertisers to market their products and services via apps, mobile browsers and text messaging.

A study from research firm ComScore revealed that display advertising on mobile devices has more than doubled to 128 percent in the past two years, a result of the huge increase in 3G and 4G smartphone users. ComScore also reported that, “Mobile content and publishing” comprised about 50% of mobile ads, while 26% of mobile ads were for “consumer discretionary goods.”  In March of this year, roughly 82 percent of smartphone users accessed their mobile browsers, and 85 percent used applications.

Not since the advent of television have advertisers had such a ripe environment to market to such large audiences. Interactive marketing, including social media marketing, has revolutionized the way advertisers interact with consumers. Blue Interactive Agency offers a full range of online marketing services. To learn more, contact us today at 954-779-2801.