Happy Social Media Day! Mashable’s Second Annual Celebration of the Social Media Revolution

Today, June 30th, Mashable is celebrating its second annual Social Media Day, organized to observe and celebrate the paradigm shift brought about by social media. While many still scoff at the relatively new interactive innovation, there’s plenty of proof in its power. A glance at the social media timeline reveals the impact it has had over the past 6 or so short years: connecting job seekers to employers, grandparents to grandchildren, reuniting old friends, rekindling romances, uniting thousands and even dissolving governments.

It’s no wonder that one of the leading sources of social media news dreamed up a day to recognize the impact of this revolution. “Toronto, O.N.; Las Vegas, Nevada; San Jose, California; and its sister city Dublin, Ireland, have signed proclamations that declare June 30 Social Media Day,” reports Mashable, joining veterans Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.; San Carlos, California; and the state of Arizona. From Dublin to Las Vegas, the industry’s most passionate proponents from across the globe are signing their proclamation to honor Social Media Day. Over 1,400 Social Media Day Meetups are currently registered, boasting more than 8,000 participants around the world. “We’re thrilled to see these places recognize June 30 as a celebration of the tools that empower their citizens to communicate, connect and engage. It’s a true show of how much social media has changed our daily lives.”

Mashable invites you to share your passion for social media by connecting with fellow web enthusiasts in your area by hosting your own Social Media Day Meetup. Here are some more tips from Mashable on how to get involved:

Sign up to attend an event in your city on the Mashable Meetup Everywhere page.

Share what you’re doing for your Mashable Meetup or leave suggestions for others in the comments below.

Use the #smday hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Click here for more information. Participation in Social Media Day is growing exponentially, proving that social media is here to stay. The value of social media marketing has been proven. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the revolution, but need help with your campaign, contact Blue Interactive Agency today for expert advice on how to improve your online social presence.