Twitter: Who, What, Where and How?

We’ve detailed the booming success of Facebook and Twitter many times, but Twitter CEO Dick Costolo put it best yesterday at the D9: All Things Digital Conference – “We’re growing like a weed,” he proudly professed. Costolo served up two big announcements in his interview that will enhance the Twitter experience in major ways.


Since we are often compelled to compare Facebook and Twitter due to their similar service nature and immense popularity, it’s only natural to wonder when Twitter would offer some more advanced features like photo sharing. Through a new partnership with Photobucket, Twitter has ushered in a new image uploading feature that will allow users to attach a picture to a tweet directly from their site or mobile applications. When asked if this move was in attempts to turn into another Facebook, Costolo replied, “Facebook is more of an archive of past moment. Twitter’s past tense is much shorter than other services’ past tense.”

In addition to the new photo-sharing feature, Twitter has enhanced their search function. Hashtag searches will now have a heavy focus on images, sorting through a huge cache of pictures. An article in PC Magazine notes, “Considering the role Twitter has played in organizing events such as the uprising in Egypt in January or tracking natural disasters like the March earthquake in Japan, this could be an interesting way to follow and document what is going on around the world in real-time.”

New Twitter stats have been making recent news, profiling Twitter’s typical user as well as how advertisers view the service. Costolo also claimed on Wednesday that over 80 percent of companies that advertise on Twitter renew their marketing agreements. Users of the microblogging service are the perfect target audience for many businesses, so let’s take a look at some demographics and other relevant stats:

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