Home plus Brings Their Virtual Supermarket to You

South Korea is known for their technology culture, giving birth to major companies in the tech world like Samsung and LG, and revolutionizing the way we live with other amazing innovations. With a strong cultural emphasis on hard work, it was only a matter of time before South Korea’s number two grocery chain introduced a brilliant new way to make grocery day a breeze for busy locals.

Tesco grocery store, later renamed Home plus, experienced great success in Seoul, but was always just behind the number one E-Mart. Home plus needed a new competitive advantage to take their company to the next level, but they wanted to do it without investing in more stores. In a city like Seoul, subway stations are an everyday reality for commuters. Home plus decided to take advantage of a prime opportunity to market their new idea to consumers by installing their virtual supermarket into subway stations, making the most of commuters’ wait time. The expansive wall-length billboard is designed to mirror the experience of shopping in a physical store, with shelves that display a common range of supermarket products. Each product has a sign with a QR code that customers can scan with their smartphone, which then adds it to their personal online shopping cart. After the customer has added all of their items and the web transaction is complete, they can expect their products to be delivered to their home within the day. Home plus experienced a tremendous growth in online sales, with 10,287 consumers visiting the online store, new registered members rising to 76 percent and online sales increasing by an impressive 130 percent. While they remain a very close second to E-Mart for physical stores, Home plus is now number one in the online market.

Home plus came up with a genius way to take advantage of new technology. QR codes are quickly on the rise in marketing and ventures like the virtual supermarket. QR codes can be an effective tool in email marketing campaigns and are an overall excellent way to enhance your marketing strategy. If you would like expert insight into how to improve your email campaigns, contact Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801.