Social Media Management: The Hottest Marketing Job That Never Sleeps

Unemployment may be rising by the month, but a rapidly growing industry is creating more jobs seemingly by the day. Social media is a flourishing industry, and companies big and small are carving out separate departments just to manage the demanding responsibilities of the newest marketing trend that never sleeps.

Whether it’s a one-man operation at a start-up or a 30+ team effort at a major corporation like Cisco, social media management requires round-the-clock moderation to protect a brand’s reputation from any negative feedback from fans and/or followers. In a recent story by B to B Magazine online, Petra Neiger, senior manager-social media marketing at Cisco Systems, said, “With other communications—white papers, case studies, etc.—you are not on the clock anymore when you complete your deliverables. With social media, even when you stop talking, people are still speaking. People often underestimate the commitment it takes to do social media.” Given the dynamic nature of social media, managers must also keep abreast of industry news daily. Facebook and Twitter may be today’s top dogs, but Google+ is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, and it’s only a matter of time before competitors create an enhanced microblogging service to rival Twitter.

But constant moderation of social media sites is only one aspect of the job; with so many available avenues to increase web presence, social media managers spend considerable time researching and reviewing the most effective strategies. Regular educational seminars are also necessary to keep the team up to snuff on the latest features and developments within the industry. However, introducing a relatively brand new marketing channel to an established company can also be a challenge – “In my job, my main focus is what I call “enablement’—helping drive adoption internally, and educating and enabling our employees to feel comfortable participating in social media,” Neiger said.

Social media marketing is arguably today’s best tool for increasing brand awareness and managing reputation. With years of experience and countless satisfied clients, Blue Interactive Agency has the knowledge and experience to increase your page rank and convert fans and followers to customers. If you’re searching for a reputable interactive marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, contact Blue today at 954-779-2801.