Twitter Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Sets Record During Women’s World Cup

This past Friday marked the fifth anniversary of the public debut of Twitter, the casual online social phenomenon that no one predicted would champion political revolutions and significantly contribute to disaster relief efforts. From its humble beginnings as a 140-character quick messaging service featuring updates on California wildfires, to delivering a staggering 350 billion Tweets a day, we can’t help but be fascinated awaiting the next major contribution Twitter will make to the way the world communicates.

In honor of the event, the talented folks over at TechCrunch created a nifty infographic that highlights Twitter’s major milestones over the past 5 years. The original concept was birthed from the brilliant minds of Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, former employees of San Francisco-based podcasting startup Odeo, in January of 2006. Undergoing a name change from “Twttr” in February to the Twitter we know today in September of 2006, the service became available to the public in July of the same year. Fast forward to April 2008, when one Tweet helped free American student James Buck from an Egyptian jail, one of its first major social accomplishments. From then on, the increasingly popular microblogging service helped Atlanta residents find gas during a shortage, Mumbai citizens Tweet about terrorist attacks, break the news of the Hudson River plane crash via TwitPic, Moldovan protestors communicate a revolution, protestors and media spread the word during Iran elections, Charlie Sheen start #winning and so much more.

Most recently, you might have noticed a curious spike in status updates regarding FIFA’s Women’s World Cup. Facebook was flooded with anxious updates urging the U.S. team to victory during an intense race to World Cup glory, only to endure a stunning loss to Japan. But Tweets about the game set records on Twitter, racking up 7,196 Tweets per second towards the end of the final game, according to the Washington Post. Twitter’s reach spans continents, creating an unmatched opportunity for companies to advertise their products and services to targeted markets. Interactive marketing has quickly become the best way to maximize ROI in your advertising budget. To get started with Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing, contact Blue Interactive Agency today.