Facebook Plans News Feed Revamp for Marketers

By now, most casual Facebook users have come to expect platform changes from the social networking site. In the past year alone, we’ve seen the introduction of the “Like” button, a total revamp of the way we view photos and improved functionality of Pages. The latest rumored changes aim to improve reach for both marketers and third-party developers.

The information you see on your News Feed has been filtered by Facebook since its inception in 2006. Advertisers and developers create online campaigns in hopes that consumers who “Like” their brand will share their messages in the News Feed, but “Facebook’s algorithms don’t display every piece of content that is shared, limiting the impact of the campaigns,” says an article in the Wall Street Journal. Now, Facebook engineers are developing an unfiltered News Feed that would “open the floodgates of information about users and the games they win, the companies they “Like” and the actions their friends take,” according to industry insiders.

In addition to an unfiltered News Feed, the social site is also planning on an expansion of the popular “Like” button that would enhance marketing campaigns by allowing consumers to share information about the places they want to go (think movies, concerts and other events) and the products they wish to buy. Not only will these new features improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, they will provide Facebook with more data about consumers, helping marketers hone in on their target market.

The latest changes and other announcements are expected to be announced at Facebook’s F8 conference for developers this year (date currently unknown). As the social space becomes more competitive, with Google+ continuing to break ground, Facebook marketing features are improving. Whether you’re new to interactive marketing or wish to improve your social media marketing campaign, contact Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801.