Facebook to Roll Out Major Privacy & Control Changes

Within the next few days, Facebook will launch one of the biggest overhauls in privacy controls and sharing in the social network’s history. Soon, you will be able to share photos, status updates and locations with the public, friends or custom groups, a new feature that very closely mimics Google+.

The struggle between enjoying an uncensored online social presence while maintaining the appearance of a responsible, mature professional worthy of employment might be officially over. Users will finally be able to pre-approve photos before they’re tagged, a feature many Facebookers have longed for since the network was first established. If you’re not concerned with censoring your pictures, you can make it so that friends can tag you without approval, but tags from non-friends must be approved – which leads to another major change to Facebook profiles: You can now tag anyone (with approval) in a post or photo, whether they’re a friend or not. Facebook is nowmore clear about what untagging means as well, letting you simply untag yourself, asking the photo uploader to remove the picture or blocking that person all together.

In addition, the Publisher bar now allows you to control who can see your location: “the Places icon in the iOS and Android apps have been removed. In its place is a “Nearby” icon that displays recent checkins in your area,” reports Mashable. You can check in to a location via the status update box. Another addition to the Publisher bar is a control mechanism that allows you to go beyond the lock icon that currently lets you hide individual updates from anyone you want; now, the icon will change based on whether it’s a public update, one for friends or a custom status for a friend list or group.

There are more than a dozen new features to be rolled out in the next few days, and most have been well-received. The more user-friendly the social network becomes, the more users it retains and the more new users it attracts. Contact Blue Interactive Agency to find out how you can get your company involved in Facebook marketing and other forms of interactive marketing, like search engine optimization and SEO copywriting. Call 954-779-2801 for more information.