“National Geographic Has Gone Google”

Last week, we reported on how cloud computing has become all the rage in the world of IT. Cloud solutions like Google Apps free your company of the time, money and hassles of managing IT internally. As Google Apps’ active customer base grows to over 30 million, many of the 3 million businesses that utilize the service are proud to share their stories. National Geographic sat down with Google in a YouTube interview to explain why they made the switch to Google Apps.

“User can be demanding; they’re working on deadline, they’re working on really unusual projects, they’re pushing the envelope in terms of technology,” said Russ Little, Director for Software as a Service. For a company like National Geographic with employees working in all parts of the world, a cloud computing solution just makes sense – “We were really looking for a cloud solution, and Google had the most mature offering, [had] the best price performance value and the security was adequate and appropriate,” said Little.

Several NatGeo employees shared their excitement over Google Apps’ ease of use, how it’s streamlined the way they work and how convenient it is for data to be backed up in real-time around the world. Mark Thiessen, a Staff Photographer, said, “No matter what happens on my laptop, if I drop it and it breaks when I’m in the field, as long as I can get to a computer, I can access my email and all my important documents.”

If you’re considering using Google Apps, consult Blue Interactive Agency today for industry insight into making the switch to cloud computing for your company. We also utilize other Google products and web analytics, including Google FeedBurner, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Local Business Center to enhance the overall reach and effectiveness of your online presence. Follow NatGeo’s lead and take advantage of Google Apps today – “It’s seamless, it’s fast, it’s functional…it just works.”