Twitter Influences Debt Ceiling Agreement

As Americans await last night’s debt-ceiling agreement to become law, social media marketing experts everywhere are examining Twitter’s role in the deal. With a little over a year left until the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama, the first sitting president to use the microblogging site, and his team have been experimenting with Twitter to gain supporters for his campaign.

In reference to Twitter influencing Sunday’s debt agreement, Mashable reports that, “The tweets were exchanged between Brian Stelter, a reporter at The New York Times, and Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director.” In the tweet, Stelter claims that Pfeiffer confirmed that the Whitehouse believed that tweets and emails helped pressure Congress to act. On Friday, Obama urged followers to tweet their congressmen to urge the GOP for a bipartisan #compromise. Over the course of the day, Obama’s team tweeted the Twitter account names of all of the House Republicans, sending out roughly 100 messages. But not everyone was inspired to email or tweet their congressman, and as a result, Barack Obama’s official 2012 campaign Twitter account went from 9.4 million to 9.366 million followers by 6 p.m. that night, a loss of over 30,000 followers, reports the Washington Post. “The White House’s official account, @whitehouse, was also publishing tweets at a rapid-fire pace throughout the day.”

Although 30,000 is a relative drop in the bucket, the White House’s Office of Digital Strategy is likely to study the campaign’s mixed reviews closely. Many of the tens of thousands who unfollowed Obama accompanied their action with a snarky comment:

“I just unfollowed @barackobama seemed like a good #compromise,” wrote one Twitter user named @eriktimmons.

The deadline for an agreement is set for Tuesday, and the House and Senate are expected to vote on the debt ceiling bill today. As Twitter continues to play a crucial role in far more than our social lives, we can’t help but be amazed at just how far the short-messaging site has come since its 2006 debut. With interactive marketing influencing everything from social to political change, the power of these revolutionary online platforms is clear. If you are interested in launching a Twitter marketing campaign, contact the experts at Blue Interactive Agency today by calling 954-779-2801.