Facebook 2.0: Your Guide Through the Latest Changes

One might assume that by now, most Facebook users would be used to change. Some posted frustrated updates about their exhaustion with the ever-evolving layout, while others mock them for getting upset about a free service no one is obligated to use. Whether you’re a fan of the frequent remodeling of the social site or not, if you’re not planning on deleting your account, here’s what you need to know about the changes introduced following yesterday’s annual f8 conference:

  • Timeline: This is arguably the biggest change Facebook has made to profiles yet. The new Timeline is a stream of all-encompassing information about your activity – think of it as a virtual scrapbook. The Timeline is customizable, enabling you to pick and choose what information from your past you want to keep highlighted. We know change is scary, but this feature actually seems pretty cool. Timeline is currently in beta, and will be opt-in in the beginning, ultimately becoming the new default profile page in the future.
  • A dynamic Like button: Soon, the Like button will join MySpace’s Top 8 in the virtual vault of once-popular, but now antiquated social networking features. Facebook has launched Facebook Gestures, which will allow you to turn any verb into a button similar to Like. Most people fear this will create an oversharing explosion. We agree.
  • The Ticker: Notice that nagging mini-News Feed in the right-hand corner of your screen? That’s the Ticker, and it’s reserved for those updates that you don’t really care about (i.e. how John’s watermelons are coming along in Farmville and who murdered whom in Mafia Wars), leaving more room in your feed for the more weighty updates, like who broke up and photos from a bachelor party.
  • TV, Movies, Music & More: Thanks to a slew of new partnerships, you can do just about anything without leaving Facebook. Watch a TV show with Hulu, share what movie you’re watching with friends, listen to a song on Spotify or read a story on Yahoo News. The Ticker will tell you what your friends are watching, listening to or reading, allowing you to share the experience with them by simply clicking a link.
  • App Privacy: Previously, third-party apps had to request your permission every time they shared information about you in your profile. Now, developers need only ask once for permission to share about you any time. Controversial? Yes. Fair? We think so…

In addition to the most recent major overhaul of the social networking site, Zuckerburg had a couple more noteworthy nuggets of information – One, Facebook has hit an astounding 800 million users; two, a record 500 million visitors logged on to the social site in a single day.

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