Google Analytics Offers Real-Time & Premium Tier

It goes without saying that Google Analytics is the undisputed king of web analytics. Yesterday, Google announced in a blog post that it has launched a Real-Time analytics tool that will make it easy for Web site owners to see what content their audience is clicking on as it happens, and use that data accordingly. In addition to Real-Time, Google has also finally entered the world of paid analytics with its new premium tier offering.

In addition to being completely FREE, Google Analytics is easy to use, is integrated with AdWords and delivers as a service. Forbes blogger Joe Stanhope credits Google’s success over better Web analytics services to the billon-dollar company’s large, active community, ease of use and enterprise penetration. With the new Real-Time tool, you can measure the immediate impact of social media, ensure campaign tracking is correctly implemented and much more.

Google Analytics Premium already enlists a number of clients, while its free version will continue to be available in its current form. So what are the benefits of purchasing Google Analytics Premium? The paid edition offers several enhancements above and beyond the free version in several noteworthy categories:

Support: One of the chief complaints about the free version is that it didn’t offer direct support. Premium members receive a dedicated account manager, training, access to Google implementation, technical specialists and round-the-clock support via phone and email for critical issues.

Service Level Agreement: The Premium agreement guarantees – with penalties – for data collection, processing and reporting.

Processing and features: Higher limits on data collection and custom variables, unsampled reporting and enhanced attribution modeling.

Fees: The Premium tier is offered for a single, flat annual fee of $150,000.

Partners: In an expansion of the GA Certified Partners program, Google now includes a specific certification for Premium. “These partners are authorized to resell, implement and support GA Premium n line with the standards set by Google’s direct support capabilities. Several partners, both in the UK and US, are now certified for GA Premium,” says Stanhope.

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