Facebook & OPOWER Team Up on New Green App

Green efforts and sustainability are all the rage these days, and since Facebook is all about staying cool and fresh, they’re now working on an app that eco-friendly fanatics will adore. With the help of OPOWER, a company that uses game mechanics to encourage people to use less energy in their homes, Facebook is developing a new app that will allow users to share data about how much – or how little – electricity they’re using in their homes.

Although we all have bigger aspirations to lessen our carbon footprint, most of us compromise with eco-friendly shopping bags and recycling our cans. The general population views being good stewards to our environment as inconvenient and often, more expensive. “It’s not that sexy of a topic. People don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their energy use — so we’re really excited to bring this conversation to life” said Marcy Scott Lynn, leader of sustainability programs at Facebook.

OPOWER hopes to stir up friendly competition to use less energy, and to hold friends accountable for reducing their energy consumption – “A person in London could compete in energy usage with a person in California,” said Ogi Kavazovic, a spokesman for OPOWER.

Features of the new app, expected to available early next year, include:

  • “Friend Rank” let’s you see which of your friends use the least energy per day.
  • Compare your energy use to others with similar-sized homes.
  • Compare your energy use with the entire Facebook community.

“People will be able to benchmark their home energy use against a national database of millions of homes. All benchmarking will be done on an aggregate level, ensuring complete data privacy,” OPOWER said in a statement.

OPOWER is taking advantage of the power of social media to show consumers that it’s easier than we think to green the way we live our daily lives. Are you making the most of your Facebook marketing campaign? Let Blue Interactive Agency manage your interactive marketing campaign by applying industry-standard best practices. Blue offers a variety of interactive services, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and more.